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The Paper Thermometer Company was founded by Joseph Loconti in Woodbury, New Jersey in 1953. Joe attended Cornell University, receiving his PhD in Chemistry in 1946 while working at the Geneva Experiment Station in New York. He established The Paper Thermometer Company seven years later, and initially, the business was run entirely out of his basement. It was a part time endeavor in the beginning as Joe developed the company during nights and weekends after working his day job as a research chemist for the United States government. The Paper Thermometer Company soon moved operations to Natick, Massachusetts in 1954 where it would remain for the following two decades.

The company was founded on the strength of Joe's personal values, including hard work, persistence, honesty, and reliability. Joe put tireless years of research and development into the creation of the technology behind Paper Thermometer temperature indicating devices. These values drove the early success of the company and continue today to be held in high regard by the company’s employees.

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The first products manufactured by the company were non-adhesive temperature indicators called Thermopapers®. This product is currently still manufactured by Paper Thermometer and available for purchase. Thermopapers were initially sold predominately to the textile industry at a time when large textile companies were plentiful in the southern United States. At first, Joe hand coated Thermopaper® in small batches at night in his garage. All Paper Thermometer Company products have been manufactured in the United States for the past six decades since the company was founded in 1953, a commitment to local production that the company remains dedicated to today. The company’s innovative products allowed Paper Thermometer to become a global supplier almost from its start, with customers around the world buying direct. The company remains proud of its commitment to serving manufacturers, food service and research facilities in dozens of countries around the world.

Joe Loconti retired from Government work in 1968 to devote all of his energies to The Paper Thermometer Co. In about 1970 the 1-Temp Thermolabel® was introduced to provide an adhesive, waterproof product for situations where Thermopaper® would not be appropriate. At around this time the 3-Temp Thermolabel® was also introduced. This became the first multiple temperature indicating device developed by Paper Thermometer. Sales of 1-Temp and 3-Temp labels grew rapidly as demand for waterproof labels for use in dishwashers increased.

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Responding to customer requests, in 1971 the 5-Temp Thermolabel® was introduced offering a broader range, multiple temperature adhesive indicator. The year 1976 saw another move for Paper Thermometer to Greenfield, NH where the company would prosper for decades. The 8-Temp line of Thermolabels® was introduced in 1988, offering even greater ranges of temperatures on each label.

With the launching of its website in 1998, Paper Thermometer began its online presence. In early 2012, Paper Thermometer was pleased to launch its much anticipated ecommerce website to better serve its customers. By 2014 the company had outgrown its location and made the move to its current facility in Manchester, NH. Paper Thermometer looks forward to continuing its commitment to offering superior customer service and affordable, accurate temperature indicating products to meet the needs of customers in a variety of applications.

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