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Cost, accuracy and reliability are important considerations in making the right product choice. Our commitment to these factors drives customer decisions to choose Paper Thermometer temperature labels. Customers consistently find that Thermolabel® indicators are more cost effective than other temperature labels on the market.

Our temperature labels are backed by our over 65 years of experience in the manufacture of irreversible temp indicators. You can be certain of our materials’ accuracy and reliability. All of our temperature labels are manufactured right here in the USA by Paper Thermometer. As a result, we have a better depth of knowledge about the indicators we are selling, and the insight to answer questions knowledgeably to help in selecting the appropriate Paper Thermometer Thermolabel®, Thermopaper® or Thermotab® temperature indicator to meet your needs. For these reasons, companies of every size, in the United States and internationally, select Paper Thermometer temperature labels to fulfill their temperature indicating needs. Health departments across the country use Thermolabel® temperature strips for dishwashers to keep costs down and achieve the accuracy that they require. Manufacturers in numerous industries rely on Paper Thermometer’s thermo labels for their accuracy and ease of use. Research facilities trust the Paper Thermometer name when choosing a temperature label.

Choose Paper Thermometer to take advantage of low cost, accurate and reliable USA Made products backed by over 65 years of experience.

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 TL8-250 Thermolabel on Blue Uniform

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