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Correctly Peeling Thermolabels®

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If you are saving your Thermolabel® indicator for record keeping...


Occasionally when a Thermolabel temperature indicator is removed from the test surface in a particular way, a blackened temperature sensitive area can appear to lighten somewhat. This can happen when it is peeled back upon itself at angles nearing 180° (obtuse angles). Generally, this is seen in labels with a larger temperature sensitive area such as our 1-Temp Thermolabel temp labels. This does not change the results of the test.


Below; Left: Incorrectly Peeled Label
Below; Right: Correctly Peeled Label


Image of label that has been incorrectly peeled causing temperature sensitive area to lighten.Image of label that has been peeled correctly maintaining a crisp black temperature sensitive area.



Simply stated, this results when the peeling of the label puts more energy into the temperature sensitive material causing it to recrystallize. This reflects more light giving the appearance of a less crisp black color.

This can be avoided by changing the way the label is being peeled. Peeling up and away from the test surface and peeling at less than a 90° (acute) angle from the test surface will reduce the likelihood of seeing this.


Below; Left: Incorrect Peeling
Below; Right: Correct Peeling


Image of a Thermolabel being peeled at an incorrect angle.Image of a Thermolabel being peeled at a correct angle.


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