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Our New YouTube Channel

Paper Thermometer YouTube Channel

April 11, 2018 - Paper Thermometer has been manufacturing and selling temperature test strips for decades. In this time we have learned a lot from our customers about how they use our temperature indicators. We try to share this knowledge to benefit our customers. One way we are achieving this is through our new YouTube channel.

We have some videos posted already. Recently up on the channel are a number of videos on temperature label use in the food service industry. Our Thermolabel dishwasher temperature labels are a popular tool used to keep food safe. A few of the topics we cover in the videos:

Selecting the best food service temperature label for your needs
How the labels work in the dishwasher
What exactly is the label taking the temperature of when it is in a warewasher

We talk about the FDA Food Code regulations on hot water sanitation in your dish machine and how to follow their guidance by using a temperature label to measure 160F/71C on the dish surface (important to note – it specifically must be an irreversible registering temperature indicator which all of our products are).

We also have a number of videos on more general topics relating to placing an order and using our temperature indicator labels. The videos cover the differences between our product lines, ordering our temp strips internationally and retaining the used temperature test strips for record keeping. One great reason for having a look at Paper Thermometer's YouTube videos is that many of the topics covered in them are based on questions and feedback we continue to get from our customers. In the short time we have had the channel up, we have already seen hundreds of people benefiting from the videos.

Take a look at the channel, watch some of the videos and if you find them beneficial, please subscribe to the channel. By doing this you will see the latest videos first. Subscribing also helps us to know that people are finding the videos useful.

Have a topic that you would like to see a clip on? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we will see what we can do.

CLICK HERE for Paper Thermometer's YouTube Channel



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