Monitoring Motorsports Brake Temperature with Thermolabel Temperature Labels

Temperature Indicator Strip on Brake Caliper


What temperatures are your brakes subjected to? When do you need to replace the seals in the calipers?

Monitoring brake caliper temperatures with temperature indicator strips can answer these questions, improving performance and keeping you running.

Temperature labels for brake calipers are also a useful tool when selecting brake fluid and pads. Temperatures that exceed the operating range of your brake fluid can cause fluid vaporization leading to fade or loss of brake pedal. Overheating can also cause premature failure of brake pads.

Temp indicator strips are water resistant to withstand grime and dust from the street and track.

Brake Caliper Temperature Guidlines Graphic
How to Use
The temp label is applied directly on each caliper to measure the maximum temperature each brake is reaching. Select a smooth machined area on the face of the caliper and clean to remove all grease and dust. Press firmly to adhere label.

Temperature Guidelines
Below 370°F - Safe and normal running temperature, not registering on label
370-450°F - Running hot but still OK, inspect and change seals more frequently
450°F and above – Running very hot, replace seals and inspect immediately

By monitoring your brake temperature on the track you can prolong brake life and get peak performance out of your equipment. For this application, the 8-Temp THERMOLABEL 370-450°F is recommended.

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