What Factors Affect Reaching Sanitizing Temperature in a Commercial Dishwasher?

A commercial dishwasher needs to both clean and sanitize dishware. Achieving the second part can be more complex than you would expect.

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Product Spotlight – The 8-Temp Thermolabel 130-200°F

Many of Paper Thermometer's temperature label products have found a use in more than one industry. We are going to take a closer look at one of these temperature labels and explore a few of the varied applications that benefit from it.

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What does Section 4.7 of the FDA Food Code Mean?

The FDA Food Code is critical to any food service operation in the US. It contains the regulations that need to be followed to keep customers safe.

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Why are my dish temperature labels not turning black?

Here is a scenario we see frequently: A person in food service believes that they need to get a 180°F temperature label to test their dishwasher sanitation.

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Who uses Paper Thermometer temperature labels?

Did you know that a company making printing ink with tiny LED lights suspended in it uses Thermolabel temperature labels? Or that Thermopaper is indispensable in the field of art conservation?

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Temperature Labels and Other Temperature Indicators – Different types for different uses

Reversible, irreversible, TTI, crayons; what do these terms mean? Lets find out by briefly going over some of the key points of temperature indicators and how they are used.

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