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Please see below for articles on a variety of important topics relating to the use of Paper Thermometer™ temperature indicator strips. Also, check out the Paper Thermometer Blog for more industry specific information on using our temperature labels.

Temperature Labels for Food Service Question & Answer
Common dish sanitation temperature related questions.

HACCP-Based Dishwasher Temperature Log
Downloadable dishwasher temperature log sheet.

Ink Turning Pink?
Temperature & Screen Printing Performance Fabrics.

Use of Thermolabel® Indicators in Screen Printing
An explanation of the importance of response time.

Which Product is Right for My Usage?
A guide to selecting the temperature label that best fits your needs.

Use of Thermolabel® Test Strips in Commercial Dishwashers
Easy to follow information on using temperature stickers for dishwasher sanitation.

Product Instructions
Simple directions for each Paper Thermometer™ product line.

A Note on Ambient Temperature and Surface Temperature
A quick explanation of the difference and why it is important to understand.

Correctly Peeling Thermolabels®
How to peel Thermolabels when saving for record keeping.

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