HACCP-Based Dishwasher Temperature Log

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Easily keep a permanent record of your dishwasher's compliance with FDA Food Code requirements by downloading this printable dishwasher temperature log. Be prepared for the visit from your local health department. A temperature test log should be maintained for each hot water sanitation dishwasher in your facility in order to follow HACCP-based record keeping standards. During each check of the dishwasher's temperature, record the date and time, tester's initials, wash and final rinse temperatures. Also, remove the dishwasher temperature label from the test of your dish surface temperature and apply the test strip to your log sheet. This way, you will have proof that the test has been completed successfully. Be sure to write down any notes or corrective action needed.

Follow your local health department's recommendations on how often to test or use your own internal procedures (a typical frequency is once per meal/shift/service). Click here for our most popular dish sanitation label.

Here is the FDA Food Code 2022 section that gives the requirements for hot water sanitation (Section 4-703.11).

After being cleaned, equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be sanitized in:

(B) Hot water mechanical operations by being cycled through EQUIPMENT that is set up as specified under §§ 4-501.15, 4-501.112, and 4-501.113 and achieving a UTENSIL surface temperature of 71ºC (160ºF) as measured by an irreversible registering temperature indicator

Dishwasher Temperature Log

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