Use of Thermolabel® Indicators in Screen Printing

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This information is to help screen printers make a better informed decision when choosing a temperature label. Much more so than in other applications, response time is the most important factor in selecting the correct temperature label type to use in screen printing. Response time is the amount of time that the temperature square needs in order to change from white to black once the testing surface is at the required temperature.

The screen printing industry needs the quicker response time of the Classic Style label lines

5-Temp Thermolabel Classic

Our new style of Thermolabels® were developed to add waterproof capabilities to our multi-temperature indicators. The trade off is a longer response time. This response time increase is perfectly acceptable for many applications but in screen printing the item being cured is at the appropriate temperature for a very short amount of time. This can lead to the label never ending up showing that the temperature has been reached. In this situation, the label cannot perform its function which is why it is recommended that anyone using Thermolabel® test strips to verify screen printing conveyor curing temperature use only the Classic lines of 5-Temp and 8-Temp labels. The label will respond faster and it will be easier to perform your test successfully.

The Item Numbers for the Classic line products are the same as the standard products with a “C” added to the end (ex TL5-5C). Make sure to specify this when ordering.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss screen printing products further or have any questions.

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