Which product is right for my usage?

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the irreversible registering temperature indicator that is right for your application. A good starting point is to determine whether the temperature strip needs to be waterproof or not. Thermopaper®, 5-Temp Classic and 8-Temp Classic Thermolabels® are not waterproof. Our 1-Temp and 3-Temp Thermolabels® are waterproof as are our standard 5-Temp and 8-Temp Thermolabel® products.

Another consideration is how narrow or wide of a temperature range will be required. Selection within the 3­-Temp series is limited to those temperatures most commonly used in commercial dishwasher test strips for the food service industry. A wider selection of temperature ranges are found in the 5-­Temp and 8-­Temp series of Thermolabel® temp labels. Determining how broad of a range of temperatures will be required for your usage often is decided by what degree of deviation from your desired temperature can be expected. For example, if your tests rarely stray from the desired temperature, then a simple single temperature label should work. This will result in a lower cost per test. If, however, you often see significant deviations from your desired temperature and your process often needs to be recalibrated, a wider range label such as the 3­-Temp, 5­-Temp or ­8-Temp series would be appropriate. Knowing how far your temperature deviates from your requirement allows for less uncertainty in adjusting the temperature. This saves time and money.

Please contact us if you need assistance in deciding which temperature label would fit your needs best or if you have any other questions.

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