Paper Thermometer Announces New Dishwasher Label for the Food Service Industry

Dishwasher Rinse Temp Thermolabel
Finally, an accurate way to check with an irreversible temperature label that your rinse water is getting hot enough to correctly sanitize dishware. Paper Thermometer now offers a temperature label that can be used to verify rinse water temperature in a commercial hot water sanitation dishwasher.

The new RW-180 Dishwasher Rinse Temp Thermolabel is used in hot water sanitation dishwashers that have an accessible rinse water pipe. The label is applied to the outside of the pipe to confirm that the rinse water reaches 180°F.

The product is easy to use - simply adhere to the external rinse water pipe and run your normal dish cycle.

Dishwashers that use heat to sanitize the dishware require a rinse temperature of at least 180°F to properly sanitize. This high temperature rinse is what ultimately brings the surface temperature of the dishware to the FDA required 160°F. The Dishwasher Rinse Temp Thermolabel provides a way to check that your water temperature readout is correct and may avoid the need to call for a service technician.

RW-180 being applied to a rinse water pipe on a commercial dishwasher

Paper Thermometer is offering this label in response to feedback from food service customers over the years that want a way to test for a 180°F rinse water temperature. If you have ever been frustrated attempting to verify dishwasher rinse water temperature using a temperature label on the dish surface (which is not an accurate way to test rinse water temperature), this product is for you.

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We have uploaded a video on our YouTube page showing how the RW-180 is used in a commercial dishwasher to test rinse water temperature. You can find it here.

To request a sample of the New Dishwasher Rinse Temp Thermolabel fill out this quick Request a Sample form.

If you have any questions about the New RW-180 Dishwasher Rinse Temp Thermolabel please contact us.

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