A Guide to Maintaining Your Commercial Dishwasher


Busy restaurants rely on a commercial dishwasher to ensure that their dishes are properly cleaned and sanitized. Because a commercial dishwasher is used so heavily on a daily basis, without the right maintenance you could find yourself without a way to wash your restaurant's dishes unexpectedly. By following the tips below, you can get the most out your commercial dishwasher and help it last for years.

1. Scrape and Rinse Well

Though it can be difficult to do during those times when your restaurant is busy, it's crucial to the longevity of your commercial dishwasher to scrape and rinse as much of the food on dishes off before they're run through its wash cycle. For the most thorough and time-conserving results, it's best to complete this step as soon as possible once dishes come back to the kitchen.

2. Clean it Daily

Every manufacturer of commercial dishwashers has a recommended schedule of cleanings which typically should occur on a daily basis. Be sure to remove all particles of food and any other visible debris before you do so and follow the manufacturer's directions.

3. Check Vital Levels Every Day

Checking the levels of detergent, rinse aid and sanitizer should be part of your team's daily routine before the start of each day. These levels should be double checked prior to running each cycle.

4. Check the Water Temperature

If the temperature of your dishwasher is not adequate, your dishes won't be properly sanitized. This can lead to your customers becoming ill or put you in violation of health department requirements. Using convenient and easy-to-read waterproof thermometer strips provides your team with an instant reading on the temperature of your commercial dishwasher's water.

5. Let it Air Dry

Once your commercial dishwasher has been cleaned at the end of the workday, don't close it back up when you leave for the night. Instead, leave the door open and allow it to air day. Doing so helps reduce the presence of moisture which can lead to the formation of harmful bacteria.

6. Maintain a Schedule of Annual Inspections

Regardless of how well you maintain your commercial dishwasher on a daily basis, it's vital for you to establish a schedule of annual inspections delivered by a certified dishwasher technician. Not only will this professional be able to make minor adjustments and replace any worn or broken parts, he or she can also diagnose any potential issues that might not be obvious to you. This can help ensure that your dishwasher doesn't break down unexpectedly.

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