PAPER THERMOMETER™ Announces 60th Year!

The Paper Thermometer Company is proud to have now provided temperature indicators to businesses and government agencies for six decades. Established in 1953 in a garage in Woodbury NJ, we have grown steadily into the trusted global supplier of temperature labels that we are today.

Over the years our temperature labels have maintained sanitary food service conditions, ensured proper adhesive curing, made certain that screen printed graphics would stand up to repeated washings and abuse, helped the metal coating industry control key processes, checked pharmaceuticals for exposure to destructive heat and performed countless other tasks crucial to our customers.

Paper Thermometer will continue to offer the same high quality temp label products and service in the coming 60 years. We invite future customers to try one of our products and returning customers to check out something new by requesting a sample of any of our stick on temperature labels. We are confident you will discover what customers in a variety of industries have come to rely on over the past 60 years; a temperature indicator that offers both high quality and affordability.

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