FDA Releases the Latest Edition of the Food Code

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration put out the latest edition of the Food Code right at the end of 2022. The Food Code is the set of recommendations that ensure food safety in retail and food service settings.

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Paper Thermometer Announces New Thermolabel for Motorsport Brake Temperature Monitoring

We previously highlighted how our temperature labels are used in motor sports applications to monitor brake caliper temperatures. Now Paper Thermometer has a temperature label specifically for the application - the New Motorsport Brake Caliper THERMOLABEL® 380-465°F

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Paper Thermometer Announces New Dishwasher Label for the Food Service Industry

Finally, an accurate way to check with an irreversible temperature label that your rinse water is getting hot enough to correctly sanitize dishware. Paper Thermometer now offers a temperature label that can be used to verify rinse water temperature

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Who uses Paper Thermometer temperature labels?

Did you know that a company making printing ink with tiny LED lights suspended in it uses Thermolabel temperature labels? Or that Thermopaper is indispensable in the field of art conservation?

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Temperature Labels and Other Temperature Indicators – Different types for different uses

Reversible, irreversible, TTI, crayons; what do these terms mean? Lets find out by briefly going over some of the key points of temperature indicators and how they are used.

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Our New YouTube Channel

Paper Thermometer has been manufacturing and selling temperature test strips for decades. In this time we have learned a lot from our customers about how they use our temperature indicators.

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