Cleaning Melted Plastic From Heat Press Platens

Many screen printers who regularly print transfers using a heat press have goofed and put the transfer on ink side up. What do you do when you melt plastic on the platen? That can be a bit more difficult of an issue.

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Youth Sports and Vacation Travel – Screen Printers are Back

The Covid-19 virus is beginning to come under control in the US and consumers are returning to pre-Covid activities. These include getting back to youth sports and the return of vacation travel. As a result, demand is returning for the screen printing

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Finishing Wood Products Using 3D Lamination

The process of finishing furniture components, cabinets, doors, kitchen fronts and wood molding by laminating decorative foils has become industry standard. 3D laminating involves PVC or PET decorative foils commonly known as rigid thermoformable foil (RTF).

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Product Spotlight – The 8-Temp Thermolabel 130-200°F

Many of Paper Thermometer's temperature label products have found a use in more than one industry. We are going to take a closer look at one of these temperature labels and explore a few of the varied applications that benefit from it.

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Clean in Place: What is it and How Does it Work?

Clean in Place is a system of cleaning pipes and filters in manufacturing facilities which make liquids or processed foods. Because of the nature of their work, sanitation is a high priority. Whether making soda and beverages, processing dairy products, producing pharmaceutical medicine, or even making cosmetic make-up products, cleanliness is key for both employee safety and to make a product usable by the public as intended.

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How to Clean Your Heat Press Platen

Almost everyone who uses a heat press has wondered how to effectively clean the platen. Whether it needs to be cleaned because there is adhesive residue on it, you accidentally printed a transfer upside down or the heat press temperature was so high that something melted and the area smells like chemicals and burning plastic, try one or more of the following suggestions.

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