Product Spotlight – The 8-Temp Thermolabel 130-200°F

TL8-130 Label Sheets and Packaging

Many of Paper Thermometer's temperature label products have found a use in more than one industry. We are going to take a closer look at one of these temperature labels and explore a few of the varied applications that benefit from it.

The 8-Temp Thermolabel 130-200°F (TL8-130) is a waterproof irreversible temperature sensing label with eight different temperature sensitive elements. It is used to record the maximum temperature that the surface it is applied to reaches. This is a lasting recording that will not “change back” after the surface cools or the label is removed from it.

TL8-130 Temperature Label CabinetsCabinets & Furniture Manufacturing – The use of manufactured substrates such as MDF in conjunction with a laminated overlay or “veneer” in the cabinet making industry (also in the manufacture of doors, furniture and other wood products) has led to higher quality, more consistency and cost savings over solid wood products. Advances in the machinery used for overlay application - vacuum presses, two chamber and three chamber laminating presses - has allowed for amazing results in 3d lamination of veneers onto substrate panels featuring complex contours. The TL8-130 temperature label is widely used in the industry to adjust and verify that the bonding of the overlay to the substrate is at the correct temperature. This avoids defects and ensures a consistent quality product which will stand up to the test of time.

Food Service – Gaining popularity for this application, the 130-200°F range hits all of the important temperatures for hot water sanitation in commercial dishwashers. The FDA Food Code requires that dish surfaces reach 160°F to be safely sanitized. Some state regulations require home kitchens producing food products on a small scale to have a 150°F dish temperature label. Also there is the 180°F rinse water temperature but of course you cannot test for that with a label applied to a dish. The broader range of the TL8-130 temperature label has proven a popular choice for dialing in to the critical Food Service dish temperatures.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing - Clean In Place cleaning or CIP cleaning is a process used in food and beverage manufacturing that utilizes specialized equipment to clean the interior of piping, valves and other components without the need to disassemble them. The reduction in downtime for cleaning is a significant benefit over clean out of place techniques. In a CIP procedure, detergent and later rinse water is introduced into the system to clean the product contact surfaces. Temperature is one of the important factors in a properly designed Clean In Place cleaning system. The entire run of transfer lines and vessels need to be brought to the required temperature to ensure effective cleaning and food safety. The TL8-130 temperature sticker is a popular tool for this purpose. The temperature label is placed on the valves and pipes at various points in the system to record the maximum temperature that is reached.

These are just a few of the applications for the TL8-130 temperature label. Some others that we didn't have time to cover today include: plastic blister pack thermoforming, scientific research, denim clothing manufacturing, the automotive industry and countless more.

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