Cleaning Melted Plastic From Heat Press Platens

Many screen printers who regularly print transfers using a heat press have goofed and put the transfer on ink side up. What do you do when you melt plastic on the platen? That can be a bit more difficult of an issue.

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Youth Sports and Vacation Travel – Screen Printers are Back

The Covid-19 virus is beginning to come under control in the US and consumers are returning to pre-Covid activities. These include getting back to youth sports and the return of vacation travel. As a result, demand is returning for the screen printing

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Paper Thermometer Announces New Thermolabel® for Screen Printing Performance Fabrics

Paper Thermometer's new Performance Fabric Thermolabel® is specifically designed for testing curing temperature in the range of temperatures used by low cure inks on today's performance fabrics, polyester and blends.

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How to Clean Your Heat Press Platen

Almost everyone who uses a heat press has wondered how to effectively clean the platen. Whether it needs to be cleaned because there is adhesive residue on it, you accidentally printed a transfer upside down or the heat press temperature was so high that something melted and the area smells like chemicals and burning plastic, try one or more of the following suggestions.

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How to Find the Right Temperature For Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation -- the process that makes it easy to bring unique and custom-designed products like apparel, mugs and mouse pads to life -- involves a sort of preciseness to get the right results. Careful planning and execution can result in the rendering of objects of beauty and appeal.

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What to Consider When Choosing The Right Heat Press

The heat press you choose can make or break your business. Choose the right one and you'll marvel at the seamless way it increases your profit margin while delivering top-quality merchandise.

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