How to Find the Right Temperature For Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation -- the process that makes it easy to bring unique and custom-designed products like apparel, mugs and mouse pads to life -- involves a sort of preciseness to get the right results. Careful planning and execution can result in the rendering of objects of beauty and appeal.

Temperature Settings Aren't an Exact Science

Each manufacturer of sublimation blanks has a recommended temperature for their blanks that hovers around the 400° range. While you'll want to follow those recommendations for best results, the guidelines can give you a place to start. Metals, plastics that are coated in polymer, ceramic tiles, cell phone covers and wood can produce beautiful results by using a temperature setting of 400°. Polyester apparel tends to do best within a temperature range of between 390 and 400°.

Temperature Isn't Guaranteed

While your temperature setting isn't the only crucial component of the dye sublimation process, it is one of the most important. This is why it's vital to your success to know that just because your heat press is set for a particular temperature doesn't mean that it is actually heating the blanks and paper to that temperature. Whether it's due to age, minute variations or some other issue, not knowing the correct temperature of your heat press can deliver frustrating results.

Know the Temperature You're Working With Every Time

Temperature is such a vital element when it comes to dye sublimation that you don't want to leave it to chance. Doing so can result in lost time and money while increasing your frustration. The only way to ensure that the platen temperature is the same as what your heat press displays is to use a self-adhesive Thermolabel. Doing so makes it quick and easy for you to keep updated -- at a glance -- on the actual temperature that your heat press is generating.

Paper Thermometer knows how important precise temperatures are to the success of screen printing applications. Their durable and easy-to-read Thermolabels deliver an accurate and affordable solution to variations in temperature. Contact us today to learn more about their extensive line of thermometers or to request a free sample.

TL5-5C Screen Printing Thermolabel

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