Thermolabel® Temperature Labels

Paper Thermometer's Thermolabel temperature indicating labels are a popular choice because:

  • Thermolabel Temperature Labels are Accurate
  • Thermolabel Temperature Labels are Inexpensive
  • Thermolabel Temperature Labels are Easy to Use

Our temperature indicators are in use in many industries including:

Paper Thermometer temperature labels use a simple white to black color change to show the temperature has been reached. Temp labels can go places other temperature measurement devices can't. All of our Thermolabels feature both Fahrenheit and Celsius right on the label

5-Temp Thermolabel

TL5-1 100-130F Single label of TL5-4 1/2'' x 2 1/4"
TL5-2 140-180F 16 labels per pack
TL5-3 190-230F Waterproof temperature label featuring five temperature sensitive elements. Available in ten temperature ranges.
TL5-4 240-280F
TL5-5 290-330F
TL5-6 340-380F
TL5-7 390-435F
TL5-8 450-500F
TL5-9 90-110F
TL5-10 90-130F


8-Temp Thermolabel

TL8-100 100-160F
Single label of TL8-130
1/2'' x 2 1/4"
TL8-130 130-200F 16 labels per pack
TL8-170 170-240F Waterproof temperature label featuring eight temperature sensitive elements covering a broader range than the 5-Temp products. Available in nine temperature ranges.
TL8-210 210-280F
TL8-250 250-320F
TL8-290 290-360F
TL8-330 330-400F
TL8-370 370-450F
TL8-410 410-500F


5-Temp Thermolabel Classic

TL5-1C 100-130F Single label of TL5-5C 3/8'' x 2 1/4"
TL5-2C 140-180F 16 labels per pack
TL5-3C 190-230F Classic style version of our 5-Temp Thermolabel. Labels are not waterproof. Available in nine different temperature ranges.
TL5-4C 240-280F
TL5-5C 290-330F
TL5-6C 340-380F
TL5-7C 390-435F
TL5-8C 450-500F
TL5-10C 90-130F


8-Temp Thermolabel Classic

TL8-100C 100-160F Single label of TL8-410C 3/8'' x 2 1/4"
TL8-130C 130-200F 16 labels per pack
TL8-170C 170-240F Classic style version of our 8-Temp Thermolabel. Provides a broader temperature range than the 5-Temp Classic style products. Labels are not waterproof. Available in nine different temperature ranges.
TL8-210C 210-280F
TL8-250C 250-320F
TL8-290C 290-360F
TL8-330C 330-400F
TL8-370C 370-450F
TL8-410C 410-500F


1-Temp Thermolabel

Click here to view all 40+ single temp Thermolabel products Various temperatures ranging from 90F to 500F
Single label of TL1-180
1/2'' x 1 13/16"
24 labels per pack
All 1-Temp Thermolabels are waterproof. A great choice when you only need to test for one temperature.


3-Temp Thermolabel

TL3-150 150-170F Single label of TL3-150 1'' x 1 13/16"
TL3-160 160-180F 16 labels per pack
Waterproof with three temperature elements. 3-Temp Thermolabels come in two different temperature ranges and are commonly used in Food Service Dish Sanitation.


1-Temp Thermolabel Wide

TL1-160W 160F Single label of TL1-160W 1'' x 1 13/16"
TL1-170W 170F 16 labels per pack
TL1-180W 180F A larger single temperature label with an area for recording initials and date. Commonly used in Food Service for HACCP compliance.


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