Temperature Labels and Other Temperature Indicators – Different types for different uses

Reversible, irreversible, TTI, crayons; what do these terms mean? Lets find out by briefly going over some of the key points of temperature indicators and how they are used.

There really are quite a few different types of temperature indicators available. Here at Paper Thermometer we manufacture and sell temperature labels that are irreversible. These are also known as non-reversible temperature labels. This type of test strip is great for many uses because the color change can only occur once. The indicator will not revert back when the temperature drops. So when someone needs a lasting record that a temperature was reached (or not reached), the white to black color change technology in our temperature labels is the perfect solution. Our Thermolabel temperature labels are used in countless manufacturing processes and in various other commercial applications such as food service dish sanitation and contract sterilization.

TL8 labels in front of glassware

Another useful temperature indicator type is the reversible temperature label. Reversible temperature labels show the approximate current temperature of a surface. As the temperature rises and falls the temperature label is indicating what the current temperature is. This is similar to a conventional glass thermometer, the type all of us are probably familiar with. Reversible temperature labels are used in a number of applications for example as a forehead fever indicator, an aquarium thermometer, and for use by homebrewers who want to know the temperature their beer is fermenting at.

Temperature indicating paint and temperature crayons are other types of temperature indicators that function similar to temperature labels. Both essentially work the same way. Instead of the temperature sensing material being sealed in a label, it is painted or marked on the surface being tested. The material will change to a liquid when the temperature is reached. These are mostly used in metal fabrication applications such as welding.

Another type of temperature label is a Time Temperature Indicator or TTI. These bring in the ability to get an idea of not just if a temperature was reached but for roughly how long. Often times this type of indicator is used for monitoring temperature during storage or shipment.

We all know what a conventional glass thermometer is and understand how to use one. In recent years digital thermometers have been steadily replacing glass thermometers in use. They are becoming less expensive for consumers and more common in daily tasks like taking a person's temperature and checking the temperature outside. We use professional quality digital probe thermometers almost daily at Paper Thermometer in various aspects of the manufacturing process. These thermometers are regularly calibrated with a NIST traceable certificate so we are certain of their accuracy. The National Institute of Standards or NIST is a government agency that maintains reference standards for calibrating and certifying measurement devices for industry and science.

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